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No Insurance? No Problem!
Treatment you need, at prices you can afford!

The Smart Alternative to Costly Dental Insurance

Only $29 per month!

  • No deductibles – There are no hidden costs.
  • No annual maximums.
  • No pre-determination clauses – Treatment that has been postponed can now be started and completed.
  • No waiting periods – Benefits are available immediately for the patient.
  • No limitations on pre-existing conditions.
  • No claims forms – No paperwork by the office or the patient.
  • No unnecessary time lost for the patient and the dental office.
  • No extra cost for oral cancer screening. Death rate of oral cancer if diagnosed late is 61%.
  • Most Experienced & Knowledgeable Dental Teams to serve your dental needs.

Covers over $500 of treatment at no extra cost including two exams, all necessary radiographs and two cleanings.

Substantial Savings of at least 25% on pre-negotiated discounted fees including teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry (veneers, crowns), dental implants, oral and gum surgery.


Membership is only $29 per month, paid once for every 12 months.